Rawmarsh Community School

Our Ethos

At Rawmarsh Community School we aim to send all young people in to an ever changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it. We are committed to ensuring that all students have the best educational experience possible.

Rawmarsh Community School continues to provide broad and varied opportunities for all learners to achieve, through modern teaching methods matched with traditional values.

Rawmarsh Community School is an 11-16 comprehensive school serving 1054 students. We place a strong emphasis on achievement and attainment and our core business is learning; learning is measured at examination and we want and expect all of our students to perform to their maximum ability at examination, particularly GCSE.

High Expectation and ambition are key factors and any student good enough to attain a grade 9 should not be prepared to settle for a grade 8. Any student for whom grade 2 represents the very best that can be achieved will have his/her success celebrated every bit as much as the student who attains a grade 9.

We believe that home, school and student is the partnership that guarantees success, and we will work together to do our very best for the young people involved.

Moving to secondary school is a very important stage in the life of your child and you will want to feel comfortable with the way that the new school works and with the values that it represents. To this end, we have tried to ensure that this website gives a true reflection of Rawmarsh Community School. If we are going to work together successfully it is essential that you have confidence in the school you have chosen.

In this same spirit of partnership, it is important that you as parents support the school in what it is trying to do. We want all the children at Rawmarsh to grow into confident, caring and well-educated adults and this will require parents and teachers to work together as a unit.

We want you to send your children to us ready and equipped for work and ambitious for success and we in turn will do our very best to ensure that they reach their academic potential.

Mrs Helen O’Brien
Executive Headteacher / CEO Wickersley Partnership Trust

Matthew Turton
Associate Headteacher

Mark Conlin
Associate Deputy Headteacher

Amanda Hawkridge
Assistant Headteacher

Jamie Skirrow
Assistant Headteacher


Mark Newsome
Assistant Headteacher