National Guidelines

The Pupil Premium is a Government initiative designed to address the under‐achievement of our most disadvantaged children, nominally those who are (or have been) eligible for free school meals (FSM), or are looked after by the Local Authority. It is up to schools to decide how best to use this additional funding, however, they must report how it is used to parents in a transparent manner, and evaluate its impact on students eligible for free school meals. Specifically, at RCS we will be tracking the narrowing of the gap between ‘all students’ and ‘FSM students’ (see below). While the number of students receiving free school meals determines the funding for a specific school, this should be regarded as a ‘proxy indicator’, as schools are required to narrow any attainment gap by addressing the underachievement of any cohort or group of students. In short, the Pupil Premium will be used to address the underachievement of any student, not just those students who attract specific funding.

Pupil Premium Funding

Given the fact that the Pupil Premium can be described as being continuous funding, the expenditure in this, the first academic year of the initiative, will strongly inform the spending in the next and future academic years. This is because, following the required set up costs, much of the ongoing expenditure will necessarily relate to enhanced staffing. Furthermore, given the evolving nature of the Pupil Premium, and the long lead in times owing to appointment dates for teachers, funding from this academic year may need to be carried forward.

The 2021-22 Pupil Premium report will be published in the Autumn 2021 Term.

School Calendar

Nothing from October 18, 2021 to October 19, 2021.