Rawmarsh Community School

Vision Gallery 2016

This year the students have worked extremely hard and produced some amazing and creative works in all mediums and have achieved some of our best results.

Y9 3D Object Sculptures

Y9’s designed and constructed a 3D object from everyday life.

They were first tasked with choosing an object and drawing it from 4 different angles. Finally, they had to draw the cardboard sections whilst thinking about texture, thickness and structure to build their complete cardboard constructions!

Y7 Miro Sculptures

Y7 students studied 3D art sculptures based on artist Joan Miro.

Students were able to explore and experiment with cameras and forming a cardboard sculpture. The students enjoyed cutting and shaping the sculptures into a three dimensional piece of art and placed them in a handmade photography studio where they took some inspiring photographs.

Don Valley Photography Competition 2016

Photography students from Year 10 and 11 have been creating unique and exciting work this year and this hard work has been rewarded in the recent Don Valley Arts Festival.

Y10 Artwork

Gallery of Y10 artwork 2017

Y9 Artwork

Gallery of Y9 artwork 2017

Year 9 Paintings

Over the past few weeks Year 9 have worked extremely hard within lessons and produced some wonderful paintings and drawings. The students have learnt how to use a range of media and materials to make their work look realistic and detailed. Well done Year 9- fabulous half term!

Year 8 Paintings

Over the past few weeks Year 8 Art students have produced some creative and imaginative landscape paintings. The students had to draw from observation applying detail, tones and a range of marks.
There have been some wonderful paintings that have been produced from year 8 and as a department, we are really pleased with the results. Well done Year 8 students!