Rawmarsh Community School

Our Intent

At Rawmarsh Community School we understand that getting the curriculum right for each and every individual student is the single most important factor in ensuring progress, encouraging positive engagement and raising aspirations.

At Rawmarsh Community School, we want all students to leave able and qualified to play their full part in an ever-changing world through an ambitious, creative and innovative curriculum, which empowers students with the skills, knowledge and attributes to allow them to succeed in their next phase of education and their working life.

We aim to engender a love of learning, self-belief and aspiration through 4 key intentions:

The removal of barriers
Developing skills for learning
Fostering of personal attributes
Enriching student experiences and broadening their horizons

How we intend to remove barriers

We want all our students to go out into the world, and become successful, happy, fulfilled adults who will be good citizens and make a positive contribution to society. The acquisition of basic skills is either at the heart of achieving this or a barrier to learning and prevent students from fully flourishing.

Four common barriers, if left unchallenged, will limit the progress, engagement and development of students who access our curriculum. They are:


We remove barriers to learning and support students’ ability to access the curriculum through the development of literacy, numeracy, oracy skills and vocabulary acquisition.

How we develop skills for learning

Developing student knowledge and essential learning skills go hand in hand. Students need to remember with fluency in order to be fully established mini-subject specialists.

We strive, at all times, for personal excellence by developing the 5 key skills for success below:

Divergent thinking

How we intend to enrich student experiences and broaden the horizons of students

Our intention is to broaden the horizons of all our students whilst also celebrating the culture, context and traditions of the local community of which we serve. Our curriculum gives all individuals opportunities beyond a traditional mainstream education. We aim to ensure there are many opportunities to enrich their cultural capital in order for them to become well-rounded human beings ready for the next stage.

Our curriculum will include for all:

Experiential Learning through trips, visitors and guest speakers
Hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom
Extracurricular enrichment through sport and performing arts
Wider opportunities through residentials, Camps International, charitable work and our Duke of Edinburgh provision.

How we foster personal attributes

Our curriculum promotes the skills and attributes our children need in order to develop the independence, responsibility, accountability and resilience they need to have a happy and successful life. We refer to this crucial aspect of our curriculum intent as The Rawmarsh Way and it is embedded in everything we do.

The Rawmarsh Way enables us to develop well-rounded individuals ready for the next stage. It is about embedding employability skills such as resilience, collaboration, communication, aspiration, responsibility, tolerance and respect in order for them to be an active participant in the local community and beyond.

If you have any queries or questions relating to the Curriculum, please contact Mr M. Turton, on mturton@rawmarsh.org.