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Curriculum Support oversees and supports children with a Special Educational Need or Disability, such as: Autism, Dyslexia, Hearing and Visual Impairments, Learning Difficulties, Physical Disability and more.

Here at Rawmarsh we believe in preparing children to fully take part in an ever changing world. We pride ourselves on offering personalised care and support, based on the needs of the children we work with. We track progress, manage interventions and set meaningful targets t help our children be successful.

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Associate Assistant Head Teacher and SENCo

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I am responsible for our student’s personal well-being and development across the school. My role involves ensuring that our students receive relevant and meaningful Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education. This includes promoting health, civic and democratic values, safety and resilience. My job is to also make sure that every student is supported with their learning. We want to make sure that every child, regardless of their ability or additional need, is included and makes good progress.



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My name is Jenna Gladwin and I lead the Curriculum Support Department. I line manage the team and oversee the progress of our children with Special Needs. I lead on Safeguarding issues for our children and review progress with parents and professionals regularly.

I am a passionate, dedicated person who believes that children with special needs and disabilities deserve the best level of care and support to reach their potential. I have worked at Rawmarsh for 11 years and love my job to bits. I’m available via email jgladwin@rawmarsh.org or 01709 710672 to answer any enquiries.


Numeracy Mentor


Numeracy Mentor

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Our names are Helen Tomlinson and Mark Langston. We are Mentors and work within the Maths Department. We teach Year 7 – Year 11 numeracy that helps supplement and boost the progress of the students who need it in their maths lessons. We also play maths games in the lesson which helps pupils learn in a fun, engaging way. Students are encouraged to work with each other, sharing their knowledge and methods.We are also involved in a Maths intervention programme called First Class which is a supplement to their weekly maths lessons and aims to help Year 7 students to make faster progress and catch up with their peers.

We support in some lessons in Maths where we work alongside the class teacher. Here we have the opportunity to work closely with students who may need support. We may break the work down so that the student can access the work. We may question the student to assess their knowledge. We may read or scribe. At all times we encourage confidence within each student by asking them to have a go regardless of right or wrong.

We are also keyworkers to pupils. We review their targets on new data collections, setting targets for them which can be achieved and measurable. Keyworker time gives the student the time to have a chat about their data and discuss ways in which they can personally improve and achieve in subjects, effort, time keeping and CFP’s or reducing CFC’s. As keyworkers we supply a copy of targets to parents and speak to some parents on a regular basis.


Y6 Transition Coordinator

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I am Judy Blake the Y6-7 Transition Co-ordinator. I work with our Y6 teachers in all our feeder schools to get to know all the Year 6 children. I join a numeracy lesson in every school and support groups within these lessons to get to know the children. I want to know something about every child in Y6, especially their progress and skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

I also like to meet parents during Y6 to allay worries about the move to secondary school. I am really pleased that so many parents and Y6 children take up the opportunity to look round Rawmarsh School with me during September and October each year. Something I hope is that Rawmarsh children are ready to move to RCS when the time comes as I have added in extra induction sessions throughout the year to prepare for the move.

It’s my role to make sure that all staff know about the strengths, needs and teaching strategies that will best support our new students so that they can settle quickly and keep making good progress.


RWI Lead/Exam Access Coordinator

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My name is Margaret Saltis, I work mainly with students who have need that extra bit of support with literacy, and have them for a lesson each week where I deliver Read, Write, Ink along with some other members of Curriculum Support. Targets are set and progress is carefully monitored, ensuring skills can be taken into all subject areas.

I also support some students in English lessons, with literacy skills, working closely with the teaching staff. I am a Key Worker to eight pupils. I keep a close eye on their data, speaking to their teachers, setting targets with the pupils and inform parents of the work we’re doing.

In Y10 and Y11 I assess students for exam access arrangements and process the applications, if necessary, for identified support in exams and formal assessments.


Deputy SENCo and Autism Ambassador 

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My name is Julie Rhodes, I am the Deputy SENCo and Autism Ambassador for the school. My day to day role involves in class support of targeted students who need extra support to achieve their best, advising staff on how to meet the needs of the pupils in their lessons and speaking to parents about their child.

During tutor time each morning I have a small group of students and we do some intensive work around social situations, understanding emotions, and making and maintaining appropriate friendships. We learn calming techniques to use when we are feeling cross or upset, and strategies to help us deal with day to day life. We discuss our worries and our concerns and ensure that we are equipped and ready to enjoy our learning.

A number of students in school find it difficult to follow a school timetable, so to enable them to become independent students within school, we provide daily and weekly visual timetables for them to follow. We also provide students with traffic light cards so that they can indicate to members of staff if they need help in lessons.

I am very proud of the students I work with they are an amazing set of young people and I watch with pride their progress and achievement within school.


Teaching Assistant

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My name is Hannah Szabo I am a teaching assistant in the science department. I am currently studying towards a health science degree at the Open University. I work with and support students in a variety of ways, helping them to access and understand each science lesson.

I encourage the students to attempt answering questions and joining in with class discussions. Within the science department we carry out a huge range of different experiments and I work to reassure that all students with different needs are comfortable and confident in both practical lessons and theory.

I am very proud of the breakfast clubs that I run each morning. The curriculum support breakfast clubs gives the students chance to prepare for the school day and socialise with other students. I also lead and support science and maths breakfast clubs, helping years 7 and 8 solidify their basic knowledge in these subjects and offering a fun start to the day with a new experiment in science breakfast club each Friday morning.


Teaching Assistant 

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My name is Anna Whyke and I work as a Teaching Assistant and one to one EAL/Languages tutor at Rawmarsh. I am the main Languages TA at present, and I absolutely love helping in that area.

I also work in the English department, helping students with their spelling, punctuation and grammar. I helped my last EAL learner gain a D in English GCSE and he had only been living in the UK 18 months.


Teaching Assistant 

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My name is Mrs Kent and I work as a teaching assistant here at RCS. My main role is to support pupils throughout school in various English and Literacy classes. In class my role of support varies to enable each pupil to achieve their full potential. Areas I focus on are; checking understanding,encouraging independence, help with punctuation and grammar and boosting confidence.

I also help deliver targeted reading support,running morning breakfast reading groups specifically aimed to encourage reluctant readers.

Students know that I am always available at both breaks to help with homework or any other problems they may face.


Teaching Assistant

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My name is Bev Jones, I am a Teaching Assistant whose main role is to support and care for the needs of our physically less able students. This includes managing physiotherapy sessions, overseeing any personal care, assessing any specialist equipment needs such as; pens, scissors, height adjustable chairs and cooking equipment. The aim is to enable and include all students to have equal access to written and practical learning tasks.

I lead a Craft club in Curriculum Support on a Wednesday after school until 4pm which gives students a chance to try different crafts in a relaxed, social environment and a bit of a chill out after studying hard in their lessons.


Teaching Assistant 

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As a teaching assistant, my role is to work with students who need extra support in order for them to reach their full educational potential. I provide help to students with learning tasks; promote independent learning and feedback to the class teacher regarding pupil progress. I strongly believe in the importance of encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning and promote development of self-esteem.

In addition, I support both Maths and Science breakfast clubs and key work 3 children. Within my key worker role I review data collections, which include details of pupil progress, effort levels and attendance. I meet regularly with my students, set realistic and achievable targets in order for them to achieve the full potential.


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BASE Manager


BASE Mentor


Literacy Mentor

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My name is Abby Rhodes, I am a Literacy Intervention Mentor at RCS. I teach Literacy to small groups of students ranging from Y7 – Y9. Literacy is provided to enhance and assist students’ Literacy skills, therefore allowing their confidence and ability to flourish, as I aim to address and remove any barriers they are facing with reading and writing. Students’ Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) is a main focus in Literacy, and equipping students with the capability to correctly use this in their writing enables them to thrive in not just English lessons, but across the curriculum too.

Additionally, I also have small groups of students from KS3 for one tutor period a week to do extra Literacy intervention. These groups are smaller than the Literacy classes; I find this extra support for students really allows me to focus on those students who need my help and attention the most. Sessions in a morning aim to recap skills we have covered in Literacy and check for students’ understanding and competence when applying them. These groups also allow students to raise any worries or concerns they may have regarding Literacy, so that they can continue to become independent and positive when it comes to approaching tasks they may have previously avoided.

I am proud of each and every individual student that I work with, they continue to strive for the best and I always instill that they can do anything they put their mind to.


BASE Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant

Parent & Student Quotes

“I would recommend Curriculum Support to other parents because they’ve really helped manage my child’s emotions and behaviour.”

“Curriculum Support help me open up about things that are bothering me.”

“They’ve helped me with my anger.”

“You get to meet different people and learn how to make new friends.”

“I work with Curriculum Support to get my levels up because I sometimes get behind in lessons.”

“I am less stressed in lessons when the Teaching Assistant explains things to me”.

“Curriculum Support take time out to help you understand things and stop you going home and worrying about them”.

“They push you to do your best, even if stuff’s quite hard because they want the best for you”.

“Jenna or Julie are on the other end of the phone if I have a problem”.

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