What is SMSC?

The Spiritual development of our students is demonstrated by their ability to reflect upon their own beliefs, feelings and values, and the beliefs of others.

The Moral development of our students is demonstrated by their ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong. We teach our students to take responsibility for their actions and understand the consequences of their behaviour and actions.

The Social development of our students is taught through nurturing a range of social skills in different situations, including working with other students from a variety of backgrounds, a willingness to volunteer, conflict resolution and an understanding of important democratic values, law, freedom, respect and tolerance.

Cultural development is promoted by encouraging our students to understand and appreciate a wide range of cultural influences that have shaped our shared history both in the UK, and within our local Rawmarsh community. Students are taught about our system of government, the importance of celebrating and respecting diversity and getting involved in a range of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities.

Where is SMSC taught?

Within the curriculum at Rawmarsh, SMSC is mainly taught within the Humanities Faculty- in Social Studies (including PSHE and Citizenship) and Philosophy and Ethics (including Religious Studies).

In these subject areas we teach students about a range of current issues affecting our society today, as well as topics including relationships, diversity, democratic values, Human Rights, and staying safe.

SMSC is also addressed by numerous other subjects including Creative Arts, English, Technology, Science, History, Geography, PE and Languages. As a school, SMSC is enhanced through extra-curricular and whole-school events, including our school productions, sports teams, trips, charity fundraising events and through our pastoral system (in which positive behaviour, good attendance and social learning is encouraged and rewarded).

SMSC refers to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students. In addition to subjects on the curriculum, we work to promote and develop SMSC throughout our students time in school.

For more detail on how SMSC is taught across the curriculum, and topics taught in Social Studies and Philosophy and Ethics please visit our subject page by clicking the button below.

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