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The Subject Way

Our subject has a ‘Subject Way’ at the heart of it. Our Subject Way is designed to help students become young subject specialists. The Subject Way has two main purposes:

Firstly, to teach students the vital skills they need to achieve their full potential and gain the very best grades they can. Secondly, to teach students how each subject relates to the wider world, incorporating the life skills they will learn.

It is our belief that knowing how what you learn links to the wider world brings a subject to life and therefore improves overall understanding and engagement.

Curriculum Intent

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities, build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. We also aim to develop the social and emotional well-being of our students.

We aim to engender a love of learning, self-belief and aspiration through 4 key intentions:

  • The removal of barriers
  • Developing skills for learning
  • Fostering of personal attributes
  • Enriching student experiences and broadening their horizons


How we intend to remove barriers

In Physical Education we remove barriers to learning and support students’ ability to access the curriculum through the development of literacy, numeracy, oracy skills and vocabulary acquisition. Students are introduced to key subject specific vocabulary and have regular opportunities to reinforce their understanding through low stakes testing. Students are given opportunities to read widely and often in order to develop their oracy within a subject specific context.

Misconceptions do not go unchallenged and the supportive environment within each and every lesson ensures that students develop their own literacy and vocabulary in a high challenge, low fear environment. Throughout each year of the curriculum numeracy and statistical skills are sequenced to become more complex over time to ensure students build on the fundamental aspects of each one and develop their confidence and aptitude.

Rawmarsh offers a fully inclusive curriculum by;
1.      Building strong relationships
2.      Using support staff
3.      Listening to pupils
4.      Planning fully inclusive lessons
Initiatives used in PE;
Colour smash – Promoting physical activity for girls
Lunch time clubs for SEN students
Fully inclusive extracurricular timetable


How we develop skills for learning

Developing student knowledge and essential learning skills go hand in hand. Students need to remember with fluency in order to be fully established mini-subject specialists. We strive, at all times, for personal excellence by developing the 5 key skills for success below: 

Students in PE are consistently recalling learnt skills and developing these in conditioned and competitive practices.
Throughout their time students will be asked in lessons to interpret results of heart rates, physical and skill related tests. They will develop their interpreting skills during OAA and Duke of Edinburgh through map and compass work.
All students will develop creativity through numerous units of work each year. During, dance and gym units students will be expected to be creative in their choreography and in games units developing creative ways to outwit opponents.
Analysis & Evaluation
Students develop this skill from the beginning of Y7 where they are taught how to analyse their own and others work. In all units of work communication is developed to ensure all pupils can give meaningful feedback to further develop skills.
Divergent thinking
Students are challenged in PE to find innovative solutions by looking at things from different angles e.g. attacking or defending. Creative risk taking in a high challenge low fear environment allows all students to think more divergently


How we foster personal attributes

In year 7 pupils are taught a broad range of activities including outwitting opponents (take risks and rise to a challenge), competing at maximum levels (Dreaming Big), exploring and communicating ideas etc with a focus on improving their physical, social and emotional well-being. They will become competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports.

When entering Y8 and Y9 students follow pathways dependent on their areas of strength having completed Year 7. Students will continue to access a range, however, they will study a more specific curriculum. All students across Year 7 & 8 should understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others work.

In years 9, 10 and 11 students will continue to develop their character and physical competence as well as increasing their knowledge and understanding of the value of life long participation in Sport. This is done by ensuring lessons are both engaging and purposeful as well as additional opportunities for pupils to ‘try something new’ in the form of taster sessions. Pupils should tackle complex and demanding physical activities. They should get involved in a range of activities that develop personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.

Students can also choose to study a vocational qualification in sport, equivalent to one GCSE. They are assessed on Fitness for Sport and Exercise, Leadership, Practical Sports Performance, and Applying the Principles of Personal Training. This is all achieved by teaching theoretical content through and alongside high-quality practical PE.

Pupils will continue to take part in competitive sports and activities outside school through community links or sports clubs. 

Students also have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh at bronze and silver level. This further supports and develops the student’s skills and character.


How we intend to enrich student experiences and broaden the horizons of students

At Rawmarsh Community School we endeavour to give all students a wide, rich set of experiences beyond the traditional curriculum. Our community is one that carries its own barriers to personal achievement and ensuring all students are able and ready for the next stage. These common barriers, if left unchallenged, will limit the extent of which students are ready for the next stage of their education or employment.

They are, aspiration, mobility and tolerance

There is an extensive range of extracurricular clubs available to our pupils, providing them with the opportunity to participate with a ‘just for fun’ approach, or with a view to representing their school, region and county. The school enters inter and intra competitions on a regular basis giving pupils the chance to compete against other local schools. Clubs include; Football, Futsal, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Trampolining, Rounders, Tennis, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics and Climbing. Our Sports Leadership Academy get the opportunity to organise, coach and officiate in local primary school tournaments, as well as assisting their PE Teachers in PE lessons.

Movement Evening is an annual showcase of dance, gym and musical performances. This celebrates the talents of our students as well as the talent from our feeder and Trust schools.
An annual Sports Awards Evening takes place at the end of the summer term to celebrate all the sporting achievements that the school and pupils have achieved throughout the year.
Ski trip is an annual trip during Feb half term where our students have the opportunity to sample and excel in skiing.
Sports tour – Football tour (girls/boys) during Easter holidays where students travel abroad and are coached by European football coaches, go on stadium tours and play in competitive matches.


Duke of Edinburgh

We aim to ensure there are many opportunities for students to enrich their cultural capital in order for them to become well-rounded human beings ready for the next stage. Our Duke of Edinburgh curriculum is a central part of this intent. It is our responsibility as a school to prepare all students for their adult lives. We have a responsibility to teach them how to engage with society and provide them with opportunities to do so. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a world-renowned mark of achievement that can encourage all students, irrespective of background or academic ability, to broaden their horizons and develop their character.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award enables us to develop responsible, respectful and active citizens, able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults. It does so through:

Taking students outside of their comfort zone
Developing self-motivation and self-belief
Boosting independence, responsibility and the ability to reflect on actions
Expanding aspiration
Volunteering within their own community boosting mental health
Connects participants with new people and perspectives
Understanding the value of active citizenship
Working towards common goals and personal achievements
Fostering skills and attributes that can be used in later life
Discovering new passions and talents

Our Curriculum