Business Studies

Business Studies

Our Intent

The aim of the Business curriculum is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop their employability and identify business problems and opportunities. We encourage students to develop entrepreneurial Skills such as: Creativity, Risk Taking, Finance and Communication.

These skills are developed through the OCR Enterprise and Marketing Course. We do this by quality first teaching which ensures students understand underlying Marketing and Financial theory which students apply to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar case studies. We want students to be able to think analytically, reach logical conclusions based on data, and make judgements on future changes to markets and the economy. Our students are constantly introduced to a wide variety of viewpoints from some of the most influential entrepreneurs throughout history. We investigate the impact that their work has had on the world we live in and students are encouraged to make links between their studies and real life examples.

How we intend to remove barriers

Students are able to develop the main skills needed to remove barriers in the Business Curriculum. The business course is a heavy theory course and students are tested on their recall and their ability to write and construct their answers in assessments. Literacy is therefore plays a strong part in the curriculum where students are taught the key terms for the subject. Numeracy skills are also needed in the Business Curriculum where students will learn about business finances and the different mathematical sums needed to work out business concepts such as Profit/Loss, Breakeven and Sales Revenue. Students will then be able to analyse these financial figures and make judgements and recommendations about the business using this Finance data. 

How we develop skills for learning

Students are required to demonstrate key skills for learning in the Business Curriculum. These skills include: Creativity, Interpretation, Analysis and Evaluation. Students will demonstrate the ability to plan and design new products with the aim of marketing this new product to the public. Students will need to carry out a range of Market Research and analyse the results in order to identify “Gaps in the Market” and the needs of their potential customers, in order to market a success product. Students will need to be able to interpret and evaluate financial information in order to identify if their new product is financially viable.

How we foster personal attributes

The curriculum allows the “Rawmarsh Way” to be be demonstrated in various ways. Students will need to be independent in running their own business project. They will need to design and pitch their business ideas to other students and members of staff. Like famous entrepreneurs students will need to demonstrate a degree of resilience being able to identify issues with their ideas and make changes to their approach in order to be successful.  Students will have to develop communication skills this will be done through pitching their business proposal to their peers.

How we intend to enrich student experiences and broaden the horizons of students

Students will have various opportunities to broaden their horizons over the course of the Business Curriculum. Students will learn about famous entrepreneurs  in history, understanding their successes and failures. Students will be able to see what skills are needed to run their own business or develop a new product to market. Students will learn about companies that have successfully marketed new or innovative products, including the ones that were not so successful.

Students will learn about how businesses operate including how businesses recruit and hire new employees, this will give students a wide range of skills and knowledge that they will be able to use when applying for their future jobs. Overall the curriculum gives students the knowledge and skills in order to set up their own business or to successfully design and  market a business idea. 

Our Curriculum in Business Studies

Year 9

In Year 9 students will start to study the OCR Cambridge Nationals Enterprise and Marketing course. They will start to cover the R064 theory needed for the written exam. Students will have the opportunity to implement the theory content into small projects, allowing students to have a better grasp of the theory content 

The students will learn the following skills/knowledge over the course of year 9 curriculum:

Students will develop skills needed to calculate and analysis business finances  such as profit/loss, sales revenue, costs and breakeven.
Understand the importance of Market Research and explain several different research techniques that can be carried out by a business.
Understand the Product Growth model and be able to offer suggestions on how a business can make a product successful
Understand the legal issues involved in running a business and how legislation can protect employees in industry.

Year 10

In Year 10 students will continue to cover the Theory Aspects of the course. Students will also start the first unit of Controlled assessment. The R065 Unit – Design a Business Proposal. In this unit of work students will need to design a product based on market research they have gathered from their potential customers. Students will also need to look at the financial implications of making their product and outline the potential risks of marketing the product they have designed. 

The students will learn the following skills/knowledge over the course of year 10 curriculum:

Demonstrate the ability to evaluate different Market Research methods and carry some of these methods out as part of the controlled assessment
Using the Market Research identify a “Gap in the Market” and design your own product that could be successful when marketed.
Understand the Product Development and Growth model and provide suggestions on how to make your product successful.
Understand the risks and financial issues that could be caused from developing your product.

Year 11

In Year 11 students will complete the final unit of the Enterprise and Marketing course. Students will also use this year to resit the exam component or improve and resubmit the previous controlled assessment units.

R066 – Market or Pitch a Business Proposal  – Students will learn how to successfully market their product/business they developed in the R065 Unit. Students will have the opportunity to present their business proposal in an assessed business pitch. 

The students will learn the following skills/knowledge over the course of year 11 curriculum:

Students will develop presentation and communication skills being able to perform a sales pitch of their business to their peers and staff.
Students will learn how to create a brand and demonstrate a knowledge of Marketing techniques that can be used by businesses

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)

Business Studies provide students with a range of life skills. One of these skills is the ability to manage and understand finances, which will be a valuable skill for students when they begin to earn money and pay taxes. The course also makes students aware of their legal rights as employees when they begin to work in the industry. Students also learn about the recruitment practices of businesses, giving business students an advantage over other candidates when applying and interviewing for jobs.

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