KS3 (Y7 & Y8)

The KS3 curriculum will reflect the GCSE syllabus. The aim of the KS3 course is to embed the basic knowledge and understanding which will be required of the students if they study Geography at GCSE. Integrated into the content of the course will be the geographical skills and exam techniques the students will be required to have at KS4.

Assessments at KS3 will also mirror the demands of the GCSE exam. Students will be assessed at the end of each unit by completing a short test. The aim of these assessments is to firstly, develop the student’s independent revision skills and secondly introduce them to the style of questions they could potentially be faced with at GCSE.


Year 7

The topics that are studied in Y7 introduce the students to aspects of physical geography, human geography and environmental geography. These topics include; Hazards and Plate Tectonics, Ecosystems, Kenya, Water and Rural-Urban Interactions. At the start of Year 7 the students will be introduced to some basic geographical skills such as map reading. These skills will then continue to be taught throughout the year within the above topics.


Year 8

The topics in Year 8 continue to build on what the students have been taught in Year 7. The topics studied once again include a mixture of all aspects of geography and geographical skills. The topics studied in Year 8 include Weather &; Climate, Rivers, Coasts &; Glaciation, Environmental Issues, Fashion&; Fair Trade and Global Cities.



Year 9 will starting to study the GCSE course. We currently follow the Eduqas Syllabus B GCSE Geography course. Starting the course in Year 9 will allow us time to deliver the content of the course and give the students time to develop a deeper understanding.

The GCSE course includes three themes: Changing Places – Changing

Economies, Changing Environments and Environmental Challenges. These Themes include a range of physical, human and environmental geography. The issue of sustainability is evident throughout the three themes.

The course will be assessed through three exams which will be sat at the end of Year 11. The first is a 1 hour 45 minutes exam ‘Investigating Geographical Issues’. This exam counts for 40% of the final grade and includes the content of all three themes. This exam will focus on the recall of knowledge and the application of knowledge and understanding to exam questions. The second exam is ‘Problem Solving Geography’. This exam is 1 hour 30 minutes and counts for 30% of the final grade. The students will be asked to use their

geographical skills to solve a geographical issue. The final exam is ‘Applied Fieldwork Enquiry’. This exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes and counts for 30% of the final grade. The students will participate in two field visits, one will focus on human geography and the other will be physical geography. The exam will expect students to use the skills developed on these field visits to exam style questions.

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)

A significant part of the Geography curriculum is learning about a variety of different cultures and societies around the world. Students are taught about how indigenous peoples view their environment, and how the international community responds to natural disasters, instances of famine, drought and other humanitarian disasters (including refugee and migration issues). Also, how they are dealt with through discussion and debate.

Students also learn about social and economic inequality and how the imbalance of wealth can be addressed, including initiatives such as Fair Trade.

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Geography Staff

Mrs H Mayfield
Head of Humanities

Mr M Turton
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Sheedy
Teacher of Subjects: Geography

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Teacher of Subjects: Geography

Mr C Darler
Director of Student Development

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