Health & Social Care

Why study Health & Social Care?

The aim of a qualification in Health and Social Care is to prepare students for progression to employment and/or further education in the health, social care and early years sectors.

This will be achieved by studying the principles which underpin all Health and Social Care practice and by learning how we all develop, as well as the factors which affect development.


What will I learn about in Health & Social Care?

The course comprises of three units:

  • Human Lifespan Development (internally assessed unit)
  • Health and Social Care Services and Values (internally assessed unit)
  • Health and wellbeing (externally assessed unit)

You will also be encouraged to recognise the importance of the stages of development of individuals and their relationships.


What do employers think about Health & Social Care?

There are many openings with a qualification in Health & Social Care, both in employment and/or further education.  It helps to develop your skills which allows you to adapt to a number of situations in the world of work, and respond to the demands of our diverse society.  

Many people go on to nursing or midwifery, and many students have moved on to work with children in a range of settings, and also with adults who have complex needs and disabilities.

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural)

Students learn about Human growth and development, including the influence this has on personal relationships, confidence and notions of body image. Students learn about vulnerable groups in society, such as the elderly, and how they can be supported. Students learn about the values of respect and showing sensitivity to the needs of others.

Students also learn about the different health and social needs of different ethnic groups, as well as the importance of recognising and understanding sexual diversity when dealing with health issues.

Health & Social Care Staff

Mrs K Atkins
Head of CACHE & Health and Social Care

Miss J Holcroft
Teacher of Health and Social Care

Mrs A Hawkridge
Assistant Headteacher

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Reminder: Y6 Transition Evening for prospective students - Wednesday 18th September 5pm & 6pm