Media Studies

Overview of KS4: Media Studies

Year 9 

Year 9 Media Studies will be a year for building foundations in the subject. You will be introduced to the skills and techniques needed to be successful in the course. We will look at analysis skills across a range of media products and platforms. This will include advertising, magazine, television and newspaper. In addition, there will be several practical activities and getting to grips with Photoshop in preparation for the coursework element of the qualification.


Year 10 

In year 10 we will be primarily looking at the set texts for the course. The exam board sets 18 media texts for us to study. These will form the bulk of the exam questions for the course. These texts are wide ranging from print adverts to music video and television shows to magazine covers. The selected texts also span different time periods enabling us to have a look at the contexts in which they were produced. The latter part of year 10 will be looking at the NEA (coursework) This will form 30% of the overall mark and is based on one of 5 briefs released to us by the exam board on June 1st each year. This is a practical element and requires the production of a media product.


Year 11 

During Year 11 we will continue to look at the set texts in preparation for the two exams as well as developing skills in analysing unseen texts. In year 11 there will be a mock examination for each paper and during lessons, we will be looking at how to answer the different question types. There is also a range of institutions and examples of terminology that will need covering for the shorter answer exam questions.

At the end of year 11, there are 2 exam papers that are worth 35% of the mark each.

Media Studies Staff

Mr A Ward
Media Faculty Leader

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