Sports Studies

 Overview of KS4:

All KS4 option students will complete a vocational qualification in sport. Students who have opted for sports studies in Y10 and Y11 will complete the BTEC Level 2 first award in sport. This requires the student to complete 4 units of work. Three out of four of these units are assessed internally and one unit is externally marked by completing an onscreen test.

Unit 1

Fitness for sport and exercise – Onscreen test based on sports performance, fitness and exercise.

Unit 2

Practical sports performance – Students are required to take part in 2 sports (1 team and 1 individual). Understand skill development and tactics and whats involved in the sport including safety, rules, and regulations.

Unit 5

Training for personal fitness – Design and implement a personal fitness programme

Unit 6

Leading sports activities – Students are required to plan, organise and deliver sessions based on a skill or sport. They will also need to evidence being able to give evaluate and give feedback.


KS4 Y9 option

OCR Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Science


Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for students who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in sports science.

What will the student study as part of this qualification?

All students will study two, mandatory, topics. The first topic of study is on reducing the risk of sports injuries. This will cover:


  • the different factors that can influence the risk of injury, such as weather, equipment and age
  • how to reduce these risk through, among other things, assessment of equipment or playing surface, coaching techniques and warm ups and cool downs in training.
  • different types of common sports injuries and medical conditions that can be caused or aggravated during participation in sport.


In the second topic of study, applying the principles of training, students will learn about:


  • the components of fitness, such as flexibility and power, and the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • the different types of fitness training, such as resistance and interval training, how to test fitness levels, and how to design, implement and evaluate a fitness training programme.

In addition, the students will have a choice of two optional topics to study from a selection covering

  • the musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory systems and how these respond to practical activity
  • psychology in sport and psychological strategies that can be used to enhance an athlete’s performance
  • the importance of a balanced diet for everyday life and sports performance and the negative effects of poor nutrition on health and fitness
  • the use of technology in sport, how it has developed over time and the impact it can have



Dulcie Sweeting

3 Stage Warm Up

Sports Studies Staff

Mrs K Hamshaw
Curriculum Leader: Sports Studies

Mr K Duckworth
KS3 Co-ordinator: Sports Studies

Mr C Baker
Teacher: Sports Studies

Mrs S Shaw
Head of Year/Teacher of Subjects: Sports Studies

Mr J Knott
Leader of Outdoor Education: Sports Studies

Mrs A Hawkridge
Assistant Headteacher

Y9 Options Pathway

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Reminder: Y6 Transition Evening for prospective students - Wednesday 18th September 5pm & 6pm