Art Textiles

Overview of KS3: Textiles

Students begin to explore the different pathways available through the Textiles course which focuses on developing skills in both textile materials and the use of sewing machines with a creative arts focus.

Students are introduced to a range of fashion designers, textile artists, mixed media designers and develop basic skills such as batik, printing, embroidery, applique, knitting, machine stitching, image transfer, tie dye and felting. This gives them a basic grounding in creative textiles craft work. Example project would be to design a bag or cushion in the style of the artist being studied.

Overview of KS4: Textiles

The course is divided into 60% coursework and 40% exam which is sat during Y11. Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of Textile Design, such as those listed below.

They may explore overlapping areas and use a combination of areas:

  • Fashion and/or costume
  • Printed and/or dyed materials
  • Constructed and/or applied textiles
  • Constructed and/or stitched and/or embellished textiles

Students are required to integrate critical, practical and theoretical study in Textile Design that encourages direct engagement with original work and practice.

An example of a topic would be a wall hanging design based on nature. The student would first look at different craft designers who have made wall hangings such as tapestries, rugs or weaving and then use these to influence their own design.They would then study natural forms in nature such as leaves and trees etc. from real life and make samples using different materials and techniques such as felting, printing and weaving. They would then begin to produce a final piece based on all their work so far.


Art Textile students research designers and craft makers such as jewellery, fashion designers and accessories makers. Tasks could be recreating a sample from the designers using the techniques they use such as weaving, pleating, stitching and embroidery. They will also be expected to gather materials that they can use in sample construction in class such as beading, scrap materials, threads and garments.

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