Rawmarsh Community School

Arriving for the Exam

  • Be Prompt! Morning examinations start at 9.00am and afternoon examinations start at 1.30pm.
  • You MUST arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the examination.
  • If you arrive after 9.30am for a morning examination or after 2.00pm for an afternoon examination it is very unlikely that the awarding body will mark your paper.

What to Bring

  • Your pen must be BLACK for all examinations.
  • Only CLEAR pencil cases will be allowed and you should not use gel pens, correction fluid or highlighters on your paper.
  • Please ensure that you bring the correct equipment into your examination. We do not always have the equipment available for everybody in the examination room and this could result in you taking the examination without everything you need.
  • Bottled water with a spill proof cap will be allowed in the examination room if necessary. There must be no labels on the bottle.

What NOT to Bring

  • Do not bring any items into the examination room with an electronic communication/storage device or digital facility. This includes your mobile phones, MP3 players and watches.
  • You must NOT bring any notes or any other items that could provide you with an unfair advantage.
  • For examinations where you require a calculator, you should not have a cover or lid on your desk.
  • Food is also NOT allowed in the examination room unless a previous arrangement has been made with the Examinations Office.
  • If you are found in possession of any of the above items you may be disqualified from the examination by the awarding body.

What to Wear

  • You should dress in school uniform for the examination.
  • The temperature in the Sports Hall can fluctuate enormously. Consider wearing something comfortable with a jacket or jumper that can be taken on or off.Hats are not allowed and you will be told to remove them.

Conduct in the Examination Room

  • There is absolutely no talking or communication between students once you enter the examination room.
  • If you have any questions you should raise your hand once seated and an invigilator will come to you.
  • Any other communication will be treated as misconduct and you will be reported to the awarding body. This could lead to disqualification.
  • Please remember that the invigilators are there to ensure that your exam runs smoothly and in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ). With this in mind please listen to and follow their advice and instructions at all times.

Examinations Calendars & Timetables

All students will be given a personal timetable prior to the examination season beginning – YOU are responsible for checking your timetable and arriving promptly for every exam.

You should check your timetable and raise any questions as soon as possible with the exams officer who will then speak to your subject teacher.

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