November 24th, 2017

Archaeological Dig Trip


On Thursday 16th November, six students from RCS joined professional Archaeologists from ArcHeritage, Sheffield, to investigate the remains of the Norman motte and bailey castle at Mexborough, in the Castle Gardens.

The students met a local Historian who came to talk to the group about Mexborough’s fascinating past. She explained to the group, what the castle was likely to have been like and its effects on the surrounding area, then the students got to dig- once they started we couldn’t get them to stop even for a food and drink break! Mrs Evans got very involved too as you can see in the pictures.

The students were a credit to the school and themselves and the professional Archaeologists were impressed with their enthusiasm, work rate and conduct. Sadly we didn’t find any treasure but we did find some Victorian pottery, some waste metal work bi-products (slag) and the remains of what could have been a stone structure on the top of the motte.

Well done to all the students involved and thank you to Liam Kimber, Y9, whose interest in a possible future career in Archaeology and Palaeontology inspired this trip! This is what some students said about their visit…

  • ‘I enjoyed the Archaeological dig trip as it was a lot of fun and educational. Everyone was very friendly and I couldn’t stop digging! Tierney Hodgkinson

  • ‘I enjoyed the trip as it was something completely different and we don’t go on many trips like this one.’ -Bailey Dunn

  • ‘We went to a site in Mexborough where we were digging on an old castle site. There used to be a Norman motte and bailey castle there. I enjoyed the trip because I found it interesting to be digging where there used to be a very old castle and it was interesting to see if we could find anything.’ – Kimiko Uttley


We are hoping to work with ArcHeritage again in the new year to run further dig trips at local sites, offering the chance for more students to take part.

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