January 29th, 2019

Attendance Update

School News

Whole school attendance from September is currently 94.57%.
Last weeks whole school attendance was 94.13% which was down slightly from the previous week.

Special Mentions
– Well done to Year 8 who had the highest overall attendance last week with a great effort of 96.22%, this week the Year 9’s also did well with weekly attendance of 96.05%
– Year 7 attendance to date has slipped this week to 95.48% although this still puts them at the highest in school, but with a great week from the Year 8’s they are looking to take over as the best attending year group in school.
– Well done to 7.7, 8.6 and 9.7 who all had 100% attendance in their forms last week, a fantastic effort.
– Not far behind with attendance over 97% were 8.4 (for the second week), 8.5 (for the second week), 10.6 and 10.8. and excellent effort from those tutor groups.

PA Update
We currently have a group of GOPA (Get Out of PA) students who have attendance of below 90% which makes them Persistent Absentees (PA). 56 of these students will be able to increase their attendance to over 90% this half term by having limited/no days off. From the group of 56 students 43 had 100 % attendance this week which is fantastic, well done to all.

100% Attendees
– We currently have 282 students who have not had a day off since September, this is a great achievement.
– 677 students have made a great start to Half term 3 and have had 100% attendance for the first 3 weeks, lets see if they can maintain this throughout the full term.

Remember every day in school counts.

School Calendar

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Reminder: Y6 Transition Evening for prospective students - Wednesday 18th September 5pm & 6pm