November 25th, 2019

Attendance Update

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Current whole school attendance is 94.76%. We have seen a massive dip in attendance this week due to widespread illness which cannot be helped. I know once everyone is back to full health we can get attendance back above 95%!

  • The highest attending Year group last week was Year 9 with an attendance of 95.35%.
  • Year 8 are still the highest attending year group so far this year with attendance of 95.76%, closely followed by the Year 9’s with attendance of 95.54%, Year 7 with 95.08%,  Y11 with 93.61% and Y10 with 93.53%.

Special mentions go to the following tutor groups who all had an attendance of over 98% last week, well done to 11.3, 11.5, 10.8, 9.5 and 9.6.

400 students have not had a day off since we started in September lets keep this figure as high as we can.

We celebrated attendance this week at our GCSE Presentation evening. We had 33 students who had 100% attendance throughout the whole of Y11, 4 students who celebrated 3 years of consecutive 100% attendance, 5 students who celebrated 4 years of consecutive 100% attendance and 3 students who celebrated 5 years of consecutive 100% attendance. This is a great achievement and we are really proud of all the students listed below.

100% attendance in Y11
 Nathan Ashbridge
 Tyler Atkinson
 Grace Bainbridge
 Maddie Bates
 Laura Batty
 Ethan Bell
 Ross Birks
 Grace Boldan
 Natasha Cockram
 Joshua Cooper
 Amy Culshaw
 Lewis Dovey
 Luke Dovey
 Max Ellis
 Niamh Green
 Ebony Hague
 Hannah Jones
 Daisy Kirk
 Evie Litchfield
 Jack Longson
 Alex Morris
 Katie O’Brien
 Chloe Overett
 Tyler Pilgrim
 Alex Roberts
 Alex Robinson
 Drew Russell
 Kyle Shenton
 Chloe Surtees
 James Swallow
 Faye Wade
 Lauren-Nicole Woodcock
 Jack Young


100% attendance for 3 Consecutive years
  • Grace Boldon
  • Alex Robinson
  • Jack Young
  • Tyler Atkinson
100% attendance for 4 Consecutive years
  • Amy Culshaw
  • Niamh Green
  • Daisy Kirk
  • Keisha Myers
  • Brooke Patrick
100% attendance for 5 Consecutive years 
  • Christian Nutbrown
  • Hannah Jones
  • Faye Wade
Remember every day in school counts.
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