January 29th, 2018

CFP Student Superstar

School News

Rhianna is currently the top student in Y8 for CFPs with 19 in just 3 weeks.

She has more than trebled the amount of CFPs she received all last term.

Not only is she the top Y8, but she is Joint top in the school for CFPs so far this half term. She is currently sharing first place with Kiera Zlobinski Y7 who also has 19 CFPs so far this year.

Rhianna is also developing her leadership skills and confidence by delivering a bullying activity to Y7’s during their tutor times with her friend Jessie Crowder, which has been praised by members of staff.

Excellent effort and a great start to 2018 Rhianna, we are exceptionally proud of you for this achievement. Keep up the hard work, see how long you can be the top Y8!

Well Done!

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