July 6th, 2017

E-Safety – Snapchat Update

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We have become aware of a new ‘Snapchat’ function which allows users to share their location. The latest update is called ‘Snapmap’ and it allows people to see, in real time, the exact location of individuals.

The new feature means that your location can be tracked unless you disable it. This means that anyone that you are linked to on Snapchat can locate exactly where you are, which building you are in and your exact whereabouts within the building. This is clearly a potential safeguarding risk. If you pinch the screen, your location will be shown. To disable this you click on the settings button whilst on this screen and tick the option ‘ghost mode’ (see image below). This tracking function will then be disabled.



Students will be given a presentation this week (which will take place in form period) alerting them to the dangers of location sharing.  This will include information on how to change privacy settings.  If you require any more information or have any concerns please contact Chris Wainwright (Safeguarding Lead) or Chris Darler (Personal Development Lead) on the school number or

You can also find information relating to e-safety on the following websites:

I would also urge you to regularly monitor your child’s internet and social media usage to minimise safeguarding risks and ensure that the advantages offered by today’s technology are not outweighed by the risks.


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