February 8th, 2021

French Wanted Poster – Winners Announcement!


Drum roll please…….


The winners of the Y7 French wanted poster have been chosen.


The MFL department has been astounded by the level of engagement with this activity. Students have shown fantastic attention to detail. We have seen great creativity and also students striving to meet the written criteria working towards ticking off some of their Can Do statements.


We are pleased to announce that the following students were chosen as semi finalists by their class teachers:

Ells McKerrow

Freya Hanson

Josh Shearwood

Kacy Coxon

Logan Tiler

Louisa Jones

Lucy McNeish

Lucy Sheppard

Mikey Wison

Noah Tingle

Ruby Stables

Scarlett Mitchell

Lexi Gamston

And now for the winners. It was a really really hard decision as all entries were of such good quality…but here we go….in 1st place we have – Demi Wheeler – a truly impressive piece of work here, not only in her creativity but in her attention to detail. Very well written French and we loved that she has chosen a famous French footballer and even a French telephone number ! Bon Travail

Demi will be presented with a copy of a French Bande-Dessiné (a comic book).

2nd prize goes to Rylan Charnock. Rylan demonstrated excellent IT skills with a 1st class French description. Rylan wins A bilingual copy of the much loved story with audio CD- Le Petit Prince.


And last but by no means least Jayden Whitehouse wins 3rd prize and wins a BrainBox Let’s Learn French game. Mr Elsom was really impressed with your attention to detail and the effort that you have shown in producing this poster.

Bravo one and all.

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