July 6th, 2017

High School Musical Raffle Winners

Performing Arts

Congratulations to the High School Musical raffle winners, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the production and well done to all students and staff involved.

Prizes can be collected from the main reception.

Ticket Number Name of Winner
Green 421-425 S.Barrett
Green 256-260 C.O’Brien
Yellow 221-225 Steph (Marquis)
Green 006-010 C.Frost
Yellow 781-785 Claire
Green 221-225 A.Braddock
Blue 161-165 D.Brailsford
Blue 336-340 D.Dearden
Yellow 856-860 R.Hughes
Green 466-470 A.Jessop
Green 436-440 Carrie
Yellow 201-205 B.Elliott
Yellow 956-960 Sandra
Yellow 476-480 C.Badham
Green 986-990 M.Levers
Blue 056-060 J.Barrett
Blue 601-605 S.Crosby
Green 326-330 P.Badham
Green 266-270 S.Marshall



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