October 4th, 2017

Journey to the Stardome

Literacy & Numeracy

One small step for man, one giant leap for Y7 and Y8!

Literacy and Numeracy students in Y7 and Y8 were taken on a journey through space recently, as the Stardome came to RCS.


The event, which was linked to the space theme that students are currently studying in Literacy and Numeracy intervention lessons, gave students a breath-taking insight into our solar system and the stars at night. They were even able to take a virtual flight over the rugged landscape of Mars.

Those who took part will now be able to take everything they’ve learned, and the imagination they’ll have developed from the experience and apply it to their Literacy and Numeracy classes where they’ll be making space-themed calculations, describing life on another planet and persuading Richard Branson to offer them a free seat on board Virgin Intergalactic!

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