November 19th, 2021

Learning With the Lord Session

School News

On Friday 12th November, our Senior Student Leadership Team attended an event delivered by Lord Best at Wickersley School. Our SSLT attended the event via Google Meet and learned a lot about the House of Lords, one of the cornerstones of our democracy, and the work that is carried out there day-to-day.

They heard a little about Lord Best’s personal journey to the House of Lords, as well as the issues he is passionate about, and the legislation he played a hand in passing through Parliament. It was clear to see Lord Best’s enthusiasm for his role in the House of Lords and our students were given valuable insight into the daily workings of our Parliament and the process of how bills are drafted, debated, and eventually passed.

Our students engaged admirably during the event despite having to speak in front of other students and staff. They managed to ask some very interesting questions, from what the busy periods are in the House of Lords, to how work carried out there is balanced with other commitments peers may have. Students from the SSLT noted that they appreciated knowing how the House of Lords functioned, as it can seem quite complicated, and also all the vital work that is done in the House of Lords by peers and all those that work for and with them.

Learning about our democracy and how it functions is of the utmost importance to our SSLT because so much of what is done at a Parliamentary level is replicated at a school level through them. The SSLT may be many students’ first experience of democracy and hearing Lord Best’s experiences gave them inspiration for the issues they would like to address within school and beyond as the year goes on.

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