May 12th, 2017

Pure class!


Y6 students from across seven of our feeder schools celebrated the completion of their English and Maths Masterclasses this week. As well as brushing up on their key skills ahead of the SATS exams, students also got the chance to get a taste of what to expect when they join us in Y7 at Rollover.

Awards were given for ‘Top Boy’ and ‘Top Girl’ by the teachers of each group. There’s also a special congratulations to Lola Rodgers who won the RCS Y6 Writing Challenge of 2017; her work will now be published in Rawmarsh & Parkgate Life magazine, which goes out to several thousand homes in the local catchment area.

Well done to all the Y6 pupils who have successfully participated and completed the booster sessions in maths.  A big thank you to Miss Blake, Mr Langston, Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Burton for their help in running the sessions.


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