April 22nd, 2020

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Kirsty Barker and her partner Adam Tingle both went to Rawmarsh Community School. Adam left the school in 2006 and Kirsty left in 2007.

Kirsty got in touch to let us know that they both now work for the NHS, after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University. Kirsty is currently a Sister in Paediatrics and Adam is head of Communications and Engagement at a local Trust.

Adam went to Sheffield Hallam University from school to study Media and then a Masters Degree in Public Relations, he then started working within a hospital and has worked his way up to become head of the department since then, having been a part of the NHS for 5 years. Kirsty qualified as a nurse 2 years ago after going to Sheffield Hallam University to study Children’s Nursing as an adult learner.

Kirsty says – “I studied other things from school such as business and hairdressing before I found my passion for nursing. I started my career in the Emergency Department which I loved and now I am a Sister on a Children’s Assessment Unit. We both love our job within the NHS and are proud to be a part of it. We are grateful to have gone to school at Rawmarsh which effectively started the journey to our future careers.”

Robyn Hedge

Robyn Hedge attended Rawmarsh Community School completing her studies in 2008. Robyn is now a clinical nurse specialist for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust supporting teenagers and young people who have cancer.

“After Rawmarsh I did A levels at TRC in Psychology, English Lit, and PE, and then a degree in Nursing at the University of Hull. I was then employed as a staff nurse on a cancer ward.

My day to day job now is supporting young people aged 15-24 with cancer and their families, whether that’s emotional support, helping them understand their diagnosis and treatment, translating Dr’s chat for them, supporting with school/college or work, and even fixing someone’s heating once…!
When covid isn’t happening I get to do allsorts, in hospital and out of hospital like taking young people back stage at the Royal Albert Hall, go sailing, or just having a cuppa with someone who just really needs to talk.

During Covid it’s been about supporting them whilst they are extremely vulnerable and very isolated, and working ways around that. It’s a crazy challenging job, and can be really hard some days, but I absolutely love it!”

Olivia Smith

After leaving Rawmarsh Community School in 2015 I attended Wath Sixth Form where I studied double health and social care and double science. At the end of my first year of sixth form I become pregnant with my son, however, I was lucky enough to be able to continue my studies from home so I could finish sixth form and get the grades I needed for Uni. In September 2017 I started my nursing degree at Sheffield Hallam University, Obie was just 9 months old.

It has been really challenging at times juggling mum life, Uni, and placements but with the continuous support from my family, 3 years later I am just a few months from finishing my nursing degree and have accepted my first staff nurse post on an acute surgical unit. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, I am to join the front line and finish my 3rd year placements as an aspirant nurse until my degree is finished in August! Fortunately for me, I am on the ward where my permanent job will be.

Normally on acute surgical unit it is very fast-paced with a high turn over of patients coming through from A & E with a wide range of different illnesses but to make the hospital more efficient to deal with covid-19, wards are being changed and used for different things daily. I am taking every day as it comes and having to adapt to different situations and gaining lots of experience. But regardless of the situation, I will always try my best, this is what I have worked so hard for all these years, passionate about and love so much and can’t wait for what the future holds.

I’d like to thank Rawmarsh for giving me the best start and especially Mrs Hawkridge who I still keep in contact with after all these years who has always supported me no matter the circumstances.

Billie Kendall

Ex-Student Billie Kendall who left in 2016, she studied at TRC and she is now just finishing her second year in midwifery, she is also currently working on the front line for the NHS.

If you are reading this as a parent of a current student at RCS and you have an older son or daughter who attended our school and is currently a key worker we would love to hear from you to recognise the vital work they are doing and inspire our students with their story.  Please contact

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