July 14th, 2017

Sponsored walk to raise funds for Bradley Lowery Foundation

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Below is a letter outlining our plans to raise money from our annual sponsored walk on October 6th in memory of Bradley Lowery #cancerhasnocolour

14th July 2017

Dear Parents

A number of schools nationally have today asked children to come in non-uniform in memory of the passing of Bradley Lowery, a little boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and battled with it for a number of years.

As a school we are deeply saddened by his death and have taken the decision to raise funds for the Bradley Lowery Foundation in his memory when we hold our annual sponsored walk for charity on October 6th.  This year all the proceeds from this walk will go to the Foundation.  Last year we raised £4712.36, so we are hopeful of raising a similar amount this year for the charity.

The students will participate in a 10 mile walk within the local community and will be given the chance to wear their chosen football tops in memory of Bradley, #cancerhasnocolour.  We feel this date gives parents, carers and pupils enough notice about this event, which is why we decided not to also hold a non-uniform day today.  As a school we ensure that you are given ample advance notice for all our non-uniform days.

However, a small minority of students did arrive at school today with messages written on their school shirts.  These students were either sent home to change (16 in total) or asked to cover their shirt with their school jumper in accordance with the school uniform policy.  We did not exclude anyone for not wearing their uniform today.

Just so you are aware, this matter was picked up by the media today, which we have been dealing with.

We apologise if this has caused any confusion with parents, carers or students.

Yours faithfully

Helen O’Brien



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