February 8th, 2019

Student Creative Writing


One of the skills our pupils develop in English lessons over both KS3 and KS4 is their descriptive writing.

They learn to craft language to have specific effects on their audience, adapt their tone and vocabulary to create moods and atmospheres and make choices in structure to present their ideas effectively.

The descriptions our pupils are producing are growing from strength to strength as they become more confident in expressing themselves in exciting and creative ways!

Here are some examples of the fabulous work they have created:

  • Jessie Crowder Y9 – “The shadowy figures of my fellow troops, past and present, towered over me on the walls of the bloody, sky-high mountains that engulfed us all, allowing nothing in but the odour of death”
  • Curtis Yip Y9 – “Being caged from freedom and hope provokes more livid thoughts in my head, directed at the horrid Devil that haunts us and is an enemy to all Jewish families. Dizziness fills my brain as visions become reality and reality becomes a blur.”
  • William Carter Y7 – “Like an ocean of people, the mild blonde sand was dominated by the many bleached feet and vivid umbrellas; it was a flock of birds running after food.”


Well done!

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