December 19th, 2017

Top 10 Y7 Students

School News

Congratulations to the top 10 students of Y7 at the end of term 1 for behaviour points:

  • At the top, we have Keira Zlobinksi with a whopping 58 behaviour points!
  • In second place Grace Busby with 52
  • 3rd: Dulcie Sweeting with 48
  • 4th: Lajpaal Shah with 40
  • 5th: Rygel Berry with 38
  • 6th: Chloe Gelsthorpe with 37
  • Joint 7th place: Ruby Jo Haywood, Ben Hughes and Harley Taylor with 36.
  • And finally, we have Jodine Green with 35 behaviour points.

This is an outstanding achievement, for which they will be presented with prizes in this week’s assembly.

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