May 9th, 2019

University in Training

Careers Events

Recently, 30 Year 8 students went to Leeds Trinity University and had a fantastic day!

On arrival, students were given a campus tour around accommodation, the sports building, the media building and other university facilities such as the library and cafe areas.

The supporting and informative student ambassadors talked them through the necessary GCSE’s they may need to pursue the course of their choice. More information was given to them about the funding available for university, and students played a game where they were given an amount of money to arrange realistically what they would spend on different things they would need if they were a university student, such as food and transport or living costs.

Going to the university gave students a chance to obtain more information needed to make the choice of whether they would like to go to university, and allowed them to see what it would be like to be a university student at Leeds. Students also had the chance to explore Degree Apprenticeships.

Georgina, an ex-Rawmarsh student, greeted students when we arrived. Georgina is now at Leeds Trinity University studying English and graduating this July and, then going on to do a teaching course, to become an English Teacher.

This showed the students that pupils from their own school can achieve something as great as going to university. She also helped them to find out more information about university life and took them on a journey of how she made going to university the right choice for her.

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