January 29th, 2019

Y7 Attendance Draw

School News

Every 2 weeks, the Y7 students have an attendance draw in assembly, where they have the chance to win £5.

Each student has an allocated number for the draw. First of all, we ask one of the students to select a tutor group out of the hat. We then ask another of our students to pick a number. If your number is drawn, you must have had 100% attendance for the past two weeks to win the prize fund. If nobody wins, the prize fund rolls over!

We are delighted to announce that the first winner of our attendance draw is Alicia Green (7.2) who today won a massive £30! Congratulations Alicia! We hope you enjoy spending your prize money.

#attendancematters #inittowinit

If you have 100% attendance in the next two weeks, you could win too!

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