May 6th, 2021

Y7 Bronze Pledge Awards


The number of students achieving their Bronze Pledges in Y7 keeps increasing every week.

The latest students to achieve a Bronze Pledge are as follows:

Lewis Walvin

Lewis has completed his Life Skills Bronze Pledge. Lewis watched a virtual tour of the Science museum, created a revision resource to help improve his attainment in French, as well as analysing a mistake in PE and achieving 20 praise points in a single-term.


Lilly-Jo Bramwell

Lilly-Jo has completed her Bronze Active Citizenship Pledge, and becomes the fourth student in Y7 to complete the full Bronze Pledge. Lilly-Jo shared her strengths and weaknesses with her Social Studies class, learnt how to make a crepe, as well as regularly attending afterschool climbing club and researching the employment requirements to be a forensic scientist.


Jack Garrity

Jack has also completed the Active Citizenship Bronze Pledge. Jack researched the career requirements to be a zoologist, shared his strengths and weaknesses with his Social Studies class, as well as regularly completing virtual enrichment tasks and learning a new skill of Origami.


Amelia Crabtree

Amelia has completed the Bronze Life Skills Pledge. Amelia completed a virtual museum tour, achieved 20 praise points in a single term, as well as creating a revision resource to improve her attainment in Maths and analysing a mistake made in her Maths lesson.


We look forward to seeing who the next student in Y7 will be to achieve a Bronze Pledge.

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Rollover for Year 6 students begins on Monday 5th July 2021