May 12th, 2017

Y7 Bushcraft residential trip

School News

Last week a group of Y7 students took part in a residential trip called ‘Bushcraft’, learning survival skills, independence and teamwork.

We camped in the woods in the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire and took part in several workshops throughout the week.

Students learnt skills such as; Wilderness first aid, shelter building, food preparation, fire making, knife skills, which were used to make tent pegs and cooking utensils and camouflage and concealment. Students developed their teamwork and communication skills by working in tribes and had to come up with a tribe identity including a name, flag, song and dance.

In the evenings students toasted marshmallows over the camp fire, competed in tribes got talent and took part in team building exercises before sleeping in tents. Some students were even brave enough to sleep in the shelters they built.

By far the most enjoyed activity of the week was swimming in the lake in the grounds of the castle, which all students took part in, despite the cool temperature of the water.


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