June 18th, 2021

Y7 Pledge Awards


Here are the latest students to join the growing list of Y7s to complete a Bronze Pledge. Well done to Kacey Stephens and Jack Garrity.

Kacey Stephens
Kacey has completed her Life Skills Bronze Pledge. Kacey created a revision resource to improve her attainment in Geography, analysed a mistake she made in Science, as well as watching a virtual theatre show, and achieving 20 praise points in a single term.

Jack Garrity
Jack has also completed the Life Skills Bronze Pledge. Jack achieved 20 praise points in a single term, analysed a mistake he made in his Art lesson, as well as completing a virtual tour of the Kennedy Space Centre, and creating a revision resource to improve his attainment in Geography.

Mr Bartle and Miss Robinson look forward to seeing who the next student in Y7 will be to achieve a Bronze Pledge.

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