January 29th, 2018

Y8 Leadership Lunch Round 3

School News

Round 3 of the leadership lunch took place on Wednesday 10th January.

Two students from each tutor group in Y8 were nominated by their tutors and Mrs Hazzard for exceptional effort both in and outside of school. These students were treated to a buffet lunch with their leadership Link Mrs Hawkridge.

The nominations were as follows;

Tutor Group Student Name Nomination
8.1 Mae Doane Volunteers every Saturday helping the disabled
8.1 Joseph Bamforth Extracurricular drama (The twits)
8.2 Lewis Thornton An exceptional leader in the Lake district outward bounds trip. Gave everything a go and pushed himself
8.2 Russell Taylor Out of school drama commitments
8.3 Cerys Unwin Planning and leading tutor session
8.3 Kaydence Taylor Achieving the next grade in her hobby
8.4 Rhianna Woodcock Leading tutor session
8.4 Evie Draycott Leading tutor session and maintaining tutor board
8.5 Caitlyn Johnson Exceptional effort, very helpful & helps other students and supports them
8.5 Joseph Jerry Trying his best in all lessons, Arriving promptly to tutor and remembering all his equipment
8.6 Lennon Sewell-Joynes Leading tutor activities- Created and presented a quiz for tutor
8.6 Isabel Kent Leading tutor activities and being generally nice, positive students/Book monitors
8.7 Bonnie Inman Phoning an ambulance when she saw an accident over Christmas
8.7 Isabelle Hetherington Dance extracurricular

Well done to each and every one of these students.
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