November 6th, 2018




Rotherham Academy of Young Leaders in Sport (RAYLS) is the leadership academy for young people aged 14 to 16 years old in Rotherham. A number of our Y9 students were recognised by staff as having the commitment and potential to excel within the academy.

Once their names had been put forward those students had to go through an application process and the successful candidates were taken into the academy.

The students involved will, over the course of the year be required to volunteer their time both inside school hours and extracurricular to support sports events among local primary schools. They are required to umpire and marshal sports events and will also gain qualifications in first aid as part of the course.

These students have all stood out so far in the course and have had great feedback from staff and adults who have attended the events that they have been part of.

Well done to these chosen students and good luck for the remainder of the year; Charlie Thompson Chloe-Rose Monks, Sophie Winstanley, Harvey Bevan, Olivia Graham, Rhianna Woodcock, Sam Mould, Mollie Fisher, Bonnie Inman, Amber Elliott, Mae Doane.

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