February 8th, 2021

Year 8s Take Part in Dedicated Options PSHE Lessons

School News

Last week all of our year 8 students started their options process, which will eventually establish which subjects they will be studying alongside the core curriculum next year in year 9. 

To navigate the students through the process of picking the right subjects for them and their futures, all year 8s have been given three virtual dedicated career lessons in PSHE and Music over this week and last. On top of the ongoing work on transferable skills, there was a virtual presentation created by the PSHE lead, careers lead and HEPPSY, as well as an opportunity to discuss job families, potential careers and possible routes.

As it is National Apprenticeship Week this week, all of the students will be completing activities which will help them understand how apprenticeships work and what careers are available to them this way.

The students will also be given access to SMART – a careers locker, which they can use throughout their time at Rawmarsh – to explore their skills, desires and aspirations to see what careers are a good fit for them.

“Options are a very important time in a student’s life, and the choices can be overwhelming. To support that over the last term in PSHE, we have been reflecting on pupils’ skills and how they can be developed and transferred into the outside world. 

“We are now pleased to be running dedicated sessions in tandem with music around careers. In these sessions, pupils will be able to discuss job families and career paths before being introduced to ‘SMART’, our new careers locker where pupils can explore their interests and see where that could lead. I am very much looking forward to hearing about everyone’s future plans.” – Hayley Mayfield, PSHE lead

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