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Attendance Awards & Golden Ticket Scheme
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  • End of Term Year Leader Awards

At the end of each term students go into a draw in assembly to receive certificates and awards. Each award carries different rewards depending upon the level of achievement. The termly awards are as follows:


  • Pupil of the Week

In some year groups each week form tutors nominate a ‘Pupil of the Week’ who receives a certificate and phone call home to parents and guardians. This can be for a number of reasons from sport, academia, effort etc…

  • Form Rewards Linked To Incentive League

In addition to the winners of the incentive league within each year group there is additional scope for whole school competition. This whole school competition will be displayed around school with the top three forms each term across the school receiving rewards in the form of trips and personalised incentives. Winning forms receive pizza lunch at the end of each half term.

  • Rawmarsh Interform Competition

Year Leaders are currently working on introducing an academic and team building interform competition. Students in all year groups will compete in activities once a half term receiving points for each activity. The winning form from each Year Team will go into the final event with the winning form being the ultimate champions.

  • Year Team Incentive Leagues

Each Year Team runs an incentive league using the forensic analysis of data on a week to week basis. The Year Leader will analyse how many CFCs, CFPs, late marks and what the attendance of each form was during the week. The forms are also set personalised targets from the Year Leader to meet each week. Each form goes into a league table with winning forms each week receiving certificates and winning forms during a half term receiving a reward; usually this comes in the form of a form buffet during lunch. There is additional scope for the leagues to take the form of divisions. An example of the incentive league is below:


  • Attendance Awards & Golden Ticket Scheme

Each month there is an attendance award presented to the forms with the highest attendance. This is a running league system that allows tracking of each form throughout the year. This information feeds into the Year Leader incentive leagues, end of year awards assemblies and students can see their forms running position each month. In addition, students who require additional intervention have been identified for the golden ticket scheme that encourages students to visit the attendance office daily recording their attendance. If they can do this for an entire month they receive financial incentives.

  • Awards Assemblies

The Awards Assemblies take place at the end of each academic year and celebrate the success of students from year groups 7-10. The assemblies celebrate the achievements made by our students over the course of the last 12 months both in and out of school; in particular those who have excelled in subject areas, improved their effort or demonstrated outstanding effort consistently. The assemblies also celebrate attendance and endeavour. The first awards assemblies took place in July 2013 involving a Year Leader speech, achievement video and Headteacher speech; they were well attended by parents of award winners.

  • Effort Ranking System

The effort rank will be displayed around school for students who have been ranked number 1 for the longest amount of time. In addition students who are number 1 in the effort rank will receive letters and phone calls home. Students who are recognised for outstanding effort and improved effort have photo rewards that are sent home to parents.

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze Award

Three times a year students are given credit scores based on effort, attendance and punctuality. There are a total of 90 credits available for students with students achieving full credits receiving the Gold Award. With each award students receive a certificate and a gold, silver or bronze lapel pin that can be worn with their uniform. It is the responsibility of Year Leaders to determine which students are deserving of the Silver and Bronze Award.

  • Year Leader Microforms

Each Year Leader uses data analysis to identify a cohort of top down and bottom up students who will receive micro mentoring on a weekly basis. Within this provision students receive regular target setting and monitoring. When students are working well they receive additional benefits such as morning breakfasts and they buy into a point scoring system which enables students to move up and receive higher incentives as they progress.

  • Year 11 Rewards Passport to the Prom

In Year 11 students have a ‘Passport to the Prom’ which they use to record progress on a weekly basis. Students who successful in meeting targets, academic achievement, consistent effort and attendance can win rewards specifically linked to the prom at the end of the school year.

  • Cause for Praise

Our simplest and possibly most effective method of praise. When a student has gone above and beyond the usual high expectations we set staff complete a cause for praise which is shared with HOY, FT and as often as possible parents.

  • Praise Points

Were introduced to reduce the impact of CFPs awarded for ‘behaviour’ and for students who ‘had a good lesson.’ Student perception was that most CFPs were handed out to students who did not necessarily deserve them and whilst data suggests this is incorrect praise points remove the bias. They work as follows:

a. Effort – each excellent effort receives 1 praise point, coasting 0, requires significant improvement -1 and poor -2.
b. Cause for Praise – each CFP is equivalent to 1 praise point.
c. Cause for Concern – each CFC is equivalent to -1 praise point


  • Faculty Leader Rewards

Each faculty has their own approach to rewards that recognise outstanding student achievement. These are displayed around school and include initiatives such as the Humanities Golden Book Award for presentation.

  • GCSE Presentation of Certificates Evening

At the end of each year past students are invited back for the presentation evening. During the event all students receive their GCSE certificates and the Year 11 Awards Assembly takes place. The awards recognise exceptional achievement in subject areas throughout the year. There are also awards for attendance, overcoming barriers, consistent all round performance and the Headteacher award for KS3 and KS4.

  • KS3 Journalist Club

Students who are identified as deserving take part in a journalist club which produces a Rawmarsh Magazine for our primary feeders and parents.

  • BBC Newsday

Each year high performing students who are meeting our high expectations are invited to apply to be part of our BBC Newsday which links in with the national initiative. Groups of students are taken to Salford Quays to visit the studio and complete a number of activities during the day in school.

  • Tenner Challenge

All students in year groups 8-10 are invited to take part in the national initiative the Tenner Challenge. During this students raise money showing their entrepreneurial skills and decide how this money should be spent.

Reminder: Y6 Transition Evening for prospective students - Wednesday 18th September 5pm & 6pm