Rawmarsh Community School

Rawmarsh Community School believes that a school uniform allows equality and fairness for all and that it prepares young people for the world of work; it also has a major influence on discipline, helps foster a calm and business-like atmosphere and gives an early indication of whether a student is “off measure”.

The expectations are clear and non-negotiable; all students are expected to wear the correct uniform. We are grateful for parental support in all matters concerning uniform and hope that it will be worn with pride and a sense of belonging to our school community.

  • Clip on tie for all.
  • Black tailored trousers or black, knee length skirt.
  • White shirt.
  • Black V neck jumper or cardigan with school logo.
  • Footwear must be plain black leather with no stripes or logos.
  • Make-up should be discreet and minimal with no false eyelashes, false finger nails, bright or garish nail colours.
  • Extreme hair cuts are not allowed. It is the School’s discretion as to what constitutes ‘extreme’ but usually involves shaven heads, multi-coloured or unusually coloured hair.
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum; no more than one small earring, sleeper or stud in each ear. No other facial and body piercings are allowed on the school site.
  • Gold, silver and bronze award pin badges should be worn as part of school uniform.

Please note: Protective clothing is required when pupils use the school workshop and other craft facilities.

Physical Education Kit: Year 7-11 Students:

The compulsory PE kit consists of:

  • Black and white panelled hooded top with school logo (girls)
  • Black and white panelled zip top with school logo (boys)
  • Black and white panelled sports shorts with school logo Black
  • White sports polo t-shirt with school logo
  • Black football socks
  • Trainers
  • Students may wear RCS leggings or RCS black tracksuit bottoms as an alternative to shorts.

Please Note:

  • Clean training shoes are required for PE lessons.
  • Football boots and hockey boots are not essential for PE lessons.
  • Jewellery must never be worn during games or PE lessons.
  • Hair should be tied back.
  • Please put your son’s/daughter’s name onto items of PE kit
  • Students must attend all PE lessons with their kit even if they’re unable to take part in a physical capacity.

The preferred supplier for school uniform is:

Pinders Schoolwear
16 College Walk,
S60 1QB
Tel: 01709 720043

Reminder: Y6 Transition Evening for prospective students - Wednesday 18th September 5pm & 6pm