Rawmarsh Community School

60 Second Presentations are an initiative to give every student the opportunity to speak to the class about the book they’ve been reading in their ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session.

Why are we doing them?

We believe that the reading and speaking are fundamental life skills that go hand in hand. The 60 Second Presentations bring these skills together. They will help students to:

  • Develop Oracy skills and self confidence
  • Inspire (and be inspired) by what they’ve read
  • Prepare for assessed spoken components of subjects at GCSE

How do they work in lessons?

The beginning of the final KS3 English lesson of each week will be used as an opportunity for a handful of students to speak for 60 seconds to the class about the book they have been reading.

They will be given routine prompt questions and verbal sentence stems on the board to support them in doing this. Each half term, every student will have presented to their peers at least once.