Rawmarsh Community School

10 Things You Might Not Know About Reading

Reading is fun!

More than half of young people (54%) in the UK, aged 8 – 18, read for fun “quite a lot.”

Most people read: 75% of adults have read at least one book in the last year.

Reading regularly is proven to improve your vocabulary – so you sound like a genius.

Reading also helps develop your spelling, your memory and even your Maths skills!

The more you read, the better your chances of getting a highly paid job.

Reading is relaxing – a daily dose of just six minutes of reading can reduce your stress levels by 68%.

Research shows that you learn more from reading than you do from your parents!

The three most popular books for 8 – 18 year olds are: ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Twilight.’ You’ll find all of these books in our school library.

Even reading for pleasure at home just once a week is enough to improve your grades in a range of subjects.

Rollover for Year 6 students begins on Monday 5th July 2021