Rawmarsh Community School

5 Top Tips: Getting Your Child Writing

Keep a journal or blog

  • Could they jot down their achievement of the day?
  • Could they write about their opinions of what’s in the news?
  • Could they write a journal as if they were someone else?

Do the half-termly Creative Challenge

  • Each half term students in Y7 and Y8 will be given a Creative Writing Challenge by their form tutors.
  • The winner of each challenge will have their writing published in Rawmarsh & Parkgate Life Magazine.

Find an inspiring picture on Google images

  • Could they describe it?
  • Could they turn it into a story?
  • Could they imagine they were there?

Use memories from family holidays or fun days out

  • Could they review the place they went to?
  • Could they create a travel brochure persuading people to go?
  • Could they describe where they went?

Bring a favourite computer game or film to life

  • Could they pretend to be their favourite character?
  • Can they bring this virtual world to life?
  • Could they come up with an alternative ending or sequel?