Rawmarsh Community School

Form Period

At Rawmarsh, we believe that all students will become more confident and independent young people if they have a rich vocabulary and read widely. This is why we are dedicating one form period each week to reading and literacy.

Word of the Week

One way we intend to broaden our students’ repertoire of vocabulary is by introducing them to a new sophisticated word each week. This may be a word which has appeared frequently in the news that week or one which is particularly relevant to cross curricular study.

Students will also be invited to contribute their ideas for Word of the Week and any students whose word is chosen will receive a Cause For Praise.

First News iHub

Each week students will be set a reading challenge to complete at home through their First News iHub account. They can access this via their phone or tablet and, for each task they complete, they will be rewarded with a points score; additional points are available for speed and accuracy. Each challenge will be based on a short and snappy newspaper article about the weeks’ events. All articles are written specifically for a KS3 audience.

To log in to the First News iHub to complete this week’s news reading challenge, click the button below.