Rawmarsh Community School

We are delighted to present 'Word of the Week' - our whole school initiative to develop the vocabulary repertoire of our students.

Research has shown that a restricted vocabulary as a child can go on to affect employment, pay and even health and well-being as an adult.

That is why each week, KS3 students are introduced to a new word in their English lesson which they will endeavour to use in their written and verbal work around school.

Every time students use this word, they will be rewarded with a Cause for Praise (CFP.) We also encourage parents to promote using these words at home.

You’ll find out the current Word of the Week, along with our archive of previous words, below.

Did you know?

Whenever we discover a new word, we’re not only adding one word to our vocabulary repertoire – we’re actually adding up to ten!

For example, if we know “hypocrite” then we will also recognise the meaning of “hypocrisy” and “hypocritical.”

You can find this week's 'Word of the Week,' and our archive of previously studied words, below.

Previous Words