During the GCSE options process, students are provided with an options booklet and an options form.

The options booklet provides information for each subject which runs at KS4, detailing the course content, the skills gained and what assessment methods are used.

On the form are four option blocks. In each block there are several subjects to choose from. Students are asked to research the subjects they are interested in using the options booklet and choose one subject in each block which they would like to take at KS4. Completed forms are then handed in to and processed by the Timetable Manager.

Some subjects have dual qualifications – for example GCSE Music and RSL Music. Subject leaders will determine which qualification is right for each individual student based on their current attainment and effort levels.

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Once all forms are received and the choices collated, students are involved in a one to one interview with Mrs O’Brien to discuss their choices in full. This is a short interview in which Mrs O’Brien will look at each student’s current attainment grades, ask why each subject was chosen and if they have an idea of what career they would like to pursue in the future.

If at this point a student has opted to take a subject Mrs O’Brien feels would put them at a disadvantage, this will be discussed at length and alternative choices that are more suitable will be provided.

At the end of the interview each student will be advised their options are confirmed and they will receive a letter in due course detailing their choices.

School Calendar

Y8 Options Evening - Wednesday 23rd January 2019