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Ski Trip- Bormio 2022 Day 5


Today was all about the timed slalom races.
All groups started the day off up the mountain practicing their skills in preparation for the big races.
After lunch everyone had a practice run, followed by a tiled run. We have to wait until the presentation evening tomorrow to find out the results.
Wipeout of the day went to Carter Fenton who slipped on a corner and pushed into Alexia who then started a domino effect until all the group were down. In the process Carter snapped his ski pole but sneakily swapped it with Alexia’s hoping she would not notice.
After skiing we walked into town and enjoyed some crepes and gelato.
This evening we did our final room inspections and parents will be pleased to know everyone passed without flying colours. You never know they may keep their rooms at home tidy from now on?
We finished the evening off with an emoji quiz which was won by Rygel, Connor, Hyrum, Mackenzie and Ciaran.
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