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December 3, 2020

Future Proof 💼

Careers Events

Future proof? What jobs will there be in the future?

November 26, 2020

KS3 Pledge Lessons


This week students in KS3 have completed their second pledge lesson during PHSE! They have looked at why the pledges are so important, the expectations for providing evidence of completed tasks and how to upload this onto google classroom.

November 24, 2020

How to Make our School Green ♻

School News

There are many environmentally-friendly things you can do at school to help protect the planet and prevent climate change. Climate change and pollution are issues that affect us all. It’s up to everyone to do as much as they can to help the environment. There are solutions that can help, but everyone needs to get…

Human Rights Challenge Grid

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The 10th of December every year is used to celebrate our rights as human beings which are protected by the United Nations and are enshrined in law.

Children in Need 2020

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Last Friday as part of the non-uniform day for Children in Need we raised an impressive £718.82! Thank you to everyone who supported!

Y8 Trip to Ulley! 🛶

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Our Y8 students were back with a splash last term with watersports trips to Ulley Reservoir. They made the trips in their ‘bubbles’ for some socially distanced kayaking and canoeing, learning some new skills and putting an exciting end to what has been a strange and restrictive summer for all.  

A Parents Guide To: Google Classroom

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Calling all parents! We have created a useful video guide on how to use Google Classroom: This will be the first in a series of video guides to help you support your child with their work at home.

November 17, 2020

Y6 – ‘Meet the Teacher: Live Q&A’

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To give Y6 pupils at our feeder schools a taste of what’s to come at RCS, we recently did some ‘Meet the Teacher: Live Q&A’ sessions. These were done remotely in Y6 lessons and students were given the opportunity to put their questions to one of our RCS teachers.

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