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Student Council

Student Leadership

RCS Student Council is a group of students who represent the student body – they are responsible for being the voice of their peers and take a leading role in decision-making and student voice. Councillors meet regularly with Miss Keogh (SLT)  to discuss issues within the school community, anything particularly affecting the student body and debate solutions to these issues.

Councillors play an essential role in representing the school ethos, student voice, communicating information about key events to their peers, encouraging participation and involvement; additionally, helping to organise various events and activities throughout the school year, such as charity fundraising events, social events, and extracurricular activities. 

The School Council provides a fantastic opportunity for students to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. By working together to achieve common goals, the School Council members learn to co-operate effectively and to express their ideas clearly and persuasively.

In December 2023, a whole school election took place where councillors delivered presentations on why they wish to have additional responsibility within our School Council.

Students interested in Student Leadership should speak to Miss Keogh (SLT Office).

Our 2023-24 Councillors are

KS3 President:

Afeniforo Adegboye 

KS3 Vice Presidents:

Miley Yip, Tomi Akinyemi and Bethany Green

KS3 Treasurer:

Michael Devey

KS4 President:

Kacey Coxon

KS4 Vice Presidents:

Harry Hughes, Callum Phillips and Amy Thompson

KS4 Treasurer:

Lucy Atkin

Student Council News

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