“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Student Council


What is the Eco-Council?

The Eco-Council is an initiative facilitated by Hope For The Future that the Wickersley Partnership Trust are taking part in this academic year. They are a group of students across the school who aim to campaign for environmental change at a school, local, and national level.

Why is it important?

The Eco-Council allows our students to directly impact their environment in a positive way and actively create change. It allows them to demonstrate their leadership skills and potentially have a real impact in our country.

How does it work?

Students from across the school come together to learn about campaigning and all the aspects of climate change that could be addressed. They then lead their own campaign which begins with a change at a school level after meeting with key stakeholders in school, moves on to a change they will facilitate at a local level by engaging local media and key stakeholders in Rotherham, ending with a campaign designed to convince their local MP to potentially present their issue in Parliament.

When do they meet?

The Eco-Council will be relaunched this half term with an event bringing together the Eco-Councils from across the Trust. They will then attend regular sessions lead by Hope For The Future to give them practical advice and steps to make change. They will also have weekly meetings within their own schools to continue sharing ideas.

What can the Eco-Council do?

The Eco-Council have the potential to make change at all levels, from our school to our country. They will run a campaign that continues to build on itself throughout the year leading to positive environmental change at all levels. The Eco-Council will be doing their part to ensure our community, and even planet, are looked after for future generations.


What is the SSLT?

SSLT stands for ‘Senior Student Leadership Team’. They act as the voice of students at RCS and pass on what the student body would like to see at our school.

Why is it important?

SSLT are a vital part of RCS because they give students the chance to communicate their ideas to Senior Leadership. They are also a valuable source of information for Senior Leadership when they wish to discuss ideas they have and how students feel about them.

How does it work?

Two students are chosen from each year group to form the SSLT. They report back any ideas they may have had to each other and present their findings to our Senior Leadership team in the hopes of achieving the change they set out to do or report anything the student body would like Senior Leadership to know.

SSLT organisation

There are also positions within SSLT for students to fulfil. Each year SSLT will have a President and Vice-President who will be elected by the student population at RCS in school-wide elections based on the policies and ideas they anonymously submit in order to make all voting fair and give everyone an equal opportunity to be successful. These students will lead the SSLT but all voices in the team are equally as important.

When do they meet?

Each half term, form representatives meet with their Head of Year to pass on the opinions of their form. Two students from each year then meet with members of SSLT to convey what was discussed giving SSLT the opportunity collate ideas for their meeting with Senior Leadership. These meetings take place each term.

What can SSLT do?

SSLT have the power to make direct change happen at our school. They can influence decisions made by Senior Leadership or even bring them new ideas for initiatives.