At Rawmarsh Community School we believe that all students deserve to have their achievements recognised and celebrated. Acknowledgement of success, no matter how small, breeds confidence and aspiration. We know how crucial it is for success in school, and in life, that students always give their best, attend school every day and participate in the wider school community. If students are to leave school ‘able and qualified to play their full part in an ever changing world,’ it will be these core ingredients, along with the values that underpin The Rawmarsh Way that will get them there. For this reason, we have developed a rewards structure that is clear and accessible to all – and something that our students take great pride in being a part of.


Club Rewards

Our flagship rewards system is celebrated at termly intervals across the academic year. This allows students a fresh opportunity to achieve full honours in regular cycles across the year. Students will receive recognition for their effort, attendance and wider participation. Those thriving in all three of these areas will be awarded a ‘Platinum Award’ to celebrate their all-round contribution. 

To accomplish the No.1 Club award, students have to achieve an ‘excellent’ effort grade in every subject during one data cycle and therefore become Effort Rank 1. To achieve this accolade, students need to ‘work hard and never give less than their best.’

Our 100 Club award goes to any student who achieves 100% attendance in one term. Accomplishing this requires students to ‘take responsibility for their choices and actions’ with regards to their own attendance and punctuality each and every day.

To achieve a Pledge Club award, meanwhile, students must complete four pledge tasks within the same category at either bronze, silver or gold standard. To do this, students need to ‘take risks and rise to a challenge.’ 

Successfully achieving all three of these awards within the same term results in the receipt of the Platinum Club award. Students winning this award demonstrate exceptional effort, attendance and fully engage in wider participation in school. They must ‘dream big’ and ‘believe in themselves.’ Members of the ‘Platinum Club’ receive exclusive ‘club’ privileges including in school in recognition of their outstanding achievement. 


Golden Book

The Golden Book initiative recognises students, who have been nominated by their class teachers, for their exceptional presentation of work. Students winning this award demonstrate that they ‘take pride in the appearance’ of their work and have their book backed in golden paper to highlight this visually. To be nominated, students in Y7 – Y11 (one per class) must demonstrate:

  • Immaculate presentation of work – including full compliance with Presentation Policy
  • Consistent 100% effort into written work
  • A range of ‘green’ RAG stickers


Curriculum Awards

Curriculum Awards are a subject specific award for exceptional achievement in a particular curriculum area. Students who win this award will consistently live up to the high expectations held by their teacher(s) and be a role model for their peers. This award takes into account quality of written work, participation in class discussion and academic progress within the subject. The characteristics show by our Curriculum Award winners includes:

  • ‘We work hard and never give less than their best’
  • ‘We take risks and always rise to a challenge in their lesson’
  • ‘We dream big’


Leadership Lunch

Our half termly Leadership Lunch rewards students who have gone above and beyond expectations.  One student from each form is selected to have a special free VIP lunch with SLT in our school cafeteria. To accompany them, each of our winners may bring a plus one to share their success with. We intend for Leadership Lunch to be a forum in which students can be ‘proud of their achievements.’ Winners are selected if they have achieved the highest total number of Praise Points in their form group.