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Pledge Challenge

KS3 – Your pledge challenge for this half term is to visit an art gallery, theatre or sporting event (LS Bronze). Make sure you take a photo or bring in your ticket stubs and show them to your form tutor as evidence.
Alternatively, if you have already achieved this, why not keep a sleep or healthy eating diary to evaluate and improve your lifestyle choices (LS Silver). This will tie in with our next wellbeing week on the 16th May. 
KS4 –  Your pledge challenge for this half term is to accomplish a new feat you have never done before out of school (BV Silver).
Alternatively as many of you are attending Post 16 interviews you could have a formal interview for the next stage of education, training or employment (AC Silver).
Remember – you need to complete these pledge tasks to attend your prom!
You must bring in or send evidence to your form tutor so they can log them as complete.
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