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Rawmarsh Excel Pledge Awards

This half term students at Rawmarsh Community School have received their Embracing the Curriculum award for effort across all their subjects in data collection 1 and 2.
The award is based on a student’s attitude to learning and highlights the effort they put into their lessons. Students can achieve a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award. To achieve the award, students must have excellent effort grades for each subject (25% for bronze, 50% for silver, 75% for gold and 100% for platinum and having no requires improvement or poor grades).
For data collection 1, 14 students achieved bronze, 24 achieved silver, 21 achieved Gold, and the following students achieved their platinum award: Aimee Green, Abigail, Adegboye, Libby Galloway, Aimee Grant, Mia Holt, Brooke Richmond, Lily Barrett, Teigan Green and Miya Marshall. 
For data collection 2, 11 students achieved their bronze award, 15 students achieved their silver award, 18 achieved their gold and the following students achieved their platinum Abigail Adegboye, Imogen Atkinson, Amber Ball, Lily Barrett, Chloe Dearden, Aimee Grant, Aimee Green, Teigan Green, Mia Holt, Sydney Kirk, Amelia Longden, Miya Marshall, Evie Outhwaite, Brooke Richmond, Elsie Saunders and Laura -Jean Skelton
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